March 18, 2016 0

John answers the door and instantly comments on the Spring temperature: “What weather we’re having!”—the mildest, he says he ever remembers here. If you renamed Reved “John Augustyn’s Stories” it


March 18, 2016 0

>> BY JOHN DEVITT For decades, Lyn and Denny Kaulbeck have been synonymous with theatre in Revelstoke. “Some jokingly call it the Lyn and Denny show,” laughs Martin Ralph, current


March 18, 2016 0

>> BY: ALISON LAPSHINOFF WHAT CAME FIRST: The chicken or the bylaw? Until recently, Revelstoke was rife with rogue chicken farmers; ordinary folks quietly defying local bylaws to furtively produce

Storm Castle Joe’s This Winter

February 7, 2016 0

>> BY PETER WORDEN   “I can only handle so much John Grisham,” laughs Samantha Robert, owner of Castle Joe Books & Art Supplies. She doesn’t need any more damn Grisham;

W.T.H. is a Wayzgoose?

February 5, 2016 0

>>PETER WORDEN SPECIAL CORRESPONDENCE: WESTPORT, N.S. / NANTON, AB / VANCOUVER / REVELSTOKE Revelstoke, Nanton and Tiverton don’t have a lot in common, only that they are each three small Canadian towns, loosely

How To Forecast Avalanches

February 5, 2016 0

>>BY PETER WORDEN   Avalanche Canada is a pretty big operation. If forecasting manager Karl Klassen taught me anything about predicting and preventing avalanche disasters, it’s this: it’s really hard to

Winter “Honey, Watch the Road” Tips

February 5, 2016 0

>> BY IMOGEN WHALE There isn’t just one treacherous spot on Highway between Golden and Revelstoke. “It’s a crap shoot,” explains Const. Just of the Revelstoke RCMP. “It’s anywhere with

The Art of Train Graffiti

February 1, 2016 0

  >> BY  COLIN TITSWORTH The canvas is 55 x 13 feet, double-sided and 152 cars long. They screech, clunk, and rumble their way through town begging for attention. Rail

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