Winter “Honey, Watch the Road” Tips

February 5, 2016 Rev Editor 0

>> BY IMOGEN WHALE There isn’t just one treacherous spot on Highway between Golden and Revelstoke. “It’s a crap shoot,” explains Const. Just of the Revelstoke RCMP. “It’s anywhere with

The Art of Train Graffiti

February 1, 2016 Rev Editor 0

  >> BY  COLIN TITSWORTH The canvas is 55 x 13 feet, double-sided and 152 cars long. They screech, clunk, and rumble their way through town begging for attention. Rail

Tiny Timber is cut from the heart

December 1, 2015 Rev Editor 0

>> BY ALLISON LAPSHINOFF   Like Nature’s gladiator, the tree struggles against all odds fighting for a foothold in the most extreme conditions. To Jamie Mayes, founder of Tiny Timber

Melting Beauty

December 1, 2014 Rev Editor 0

>> By Alison Lapshinoff Winter 2014, Issue #39   The 300-pound block was slick, cold. It had no handholds. A man in heavy gloves heaved its bulk toward the emerging

Welcome to Revel-Stoc

December 1, 2014 Rev Editor 0

  >>By Rory Luxmoore Winter 2014, Issue #39   What is in a name? Well, a lot, actually. Take ‘Revetstoke’ for examiple. Few towns can boast having such a dynamic

Bro-mance Is In The Air

March 1, 2014 Rev Editor 0

>> By Giles Shearing Spring 2014, Issue #36 Can strong male friendships be saved with a bit of bromance? As modem research suggests, male friendships throughout North America are in