Some people like Reved—really, they do!..

…a few of whom aren’t just my family:

Just read every word of the latest Reved 1/4’ly and seriously split my gut from laughing. I found myself not reading so much to find out about stuff but reading like a miner who’s sole objective is to unearth every little gem of humour. You are doing a great job from “your van down by the river!” Keep it up! —Lori Anderson

“I read the latest edition of Reved and WOW. Keep up the great work and all the best in 2016.”  — Jennifer Wolney & Family.

“I’m famous! Thanks for including me in the ¼’ly. I have no idea when the first wayzgoose was but you do a good job of explaining them. I hope your newspaper thrives in Revelstoke and that you continue your research travels.” — Professor Ted Bishop, University of Alberta

“Thank you for sending Reved ¼’ly which I’m still enjoying on my “Zen breaks.” I’m drawn to your Classifieds/Catsifieds section and laugh heartily at the misplaced clauses and nuances of humour in each ad. In response to your ad, “MONEY WORRIES” I’m sending a belated Christmas gift. Say no more! Peter, you have cracked the code for keeping one’s spirit healthy and happy with clever, humorous writing, and it appears you’ve attracted quite a varied circle of family at Revelstoke. Thank you again for mailing the quarterly — your extended family at all the Christmas gatherings were delighted with the contents.” —Aunt Jennifer