Stories won’t just magically appear… matter how long you stare at the page. Believe me, I try. Over the last 10 years the pages of Reved Quarterly have been filled with the words of many Revy writers and the list is always growing. If you have a sweet story idea, please get in touch. If not, leave it to these guys:


12250045_10156257110495608_2263034471636332100_nJohn Devitt has been writing for Reved since 2011. From investigative pieces exploring illegal marijuana grow houses to poking fun at the famous Revelstoke Woodenhead, he’s a down-to-earth guy, literally, …unfortunately, as his story pitch to attend Space Camp in Alabama has been rejected at every staff meeting for four years…and counting. But he keeps reaching for the stars and we love him for it.



12369013_10153811354097500_1998468568816530488_nImogen Whale is a freelance writer and all-round Super Mom in Revelstoke. Her recent work has appeared in Reved, The Review, Saddle Up, and Interior Wellness. She writes fiction for fun and spends most her time with her incredible family. When she’s not, you’ll find her on skis, horseback, roller skates or at the community theatre. Her latest endeavour, Jagged Lines Press, goes online this year.



Alison 1 (1)

Alison Lapshinoff has written the crap out of this town. (Some of which can be read in the Best of Reved coffee table book, as well as here, here and here.) When she is not writing for Reved she can be found playing with food in the 112 kitchen, sliding on snow at Mt. McPherson or chasing around her four-year-old. She has a passion for good health, quality food and gallivanting around the world.



DSCN2837 (1)Colin Titsworth is a Kootenay kid with a passion for the wilderness. He loves endless bike trails, skiing out the back door, fishing for dinner, dancing on picnic tables and, when the world seems too hectic he can be found playing in his garden. He writes regularly for Reved, whose publisher is honestly reconsidering naming The Titsworthy. 



66556_10150092910870761_5327392_nPeter Worden was a TV and radio reporter with CBC North in Iqaluit before moving to tropical Revelstoke in 2015.  He, or, I, took part in the 2014 literary journalism program at the Banff Centre and now publish two newspapers we think are awesome as hell: The Nanton Experiment in Nanton, Alberta, and Reved Quarterly (and 1/4’ly)  in Revelstoke.