Peter (CARIACATURE)Reved Quarterly has been published every winter, spring, summer and fall for the last 10 years. In that time, it has covered the 4 A’s of the good life in Revelstoke: Arts, Adventure and Anything Awesome.

In 2015, Reved founder Heather Lea sold the paper to Peter Worden, a newspaperman and former CBC’er who moved to Revy eager to make a cool milly, or failing that, just drink lots and lots of Mt. Begbie beer.


The past 10 years of Reved Quarterly  has certainly been one for the books. It’s all there in the Best of Reved,  which you can buy for the low, low price of $30 at Sangha BeanIMG_8818

Or, if you’re looking for a Revelstoke souvenir of the free-variety, look no further than the inside of Reved Quarterly, where you’ll find a miniature newspaper—Reved Quarterly 1/4’lywith a postcard on the back—brilliant!


Outgoing Reved publisher Heather Lea sets out to see the whole world by motorcycle. Peter Worden sets out to Photoshop himself into more of her pictures.
Outgoing Reved publisher Heather Lea sets out to see the whole world by motorcycle. Peter Worden sets out to Photoshop himself into more of her pictures.   

Well!—what an exciting year for Reved Quarterly. In June, the paper celebrated ten years in business, marked by publishing a 126-page book The Best of Reved Quarterly. Then, in September, Reved was taken on by new owner Peter Worden.

The day Peter told me he wanted to buy my business was affecting; I was four days shy of leaving for a two-year trip around the world on my motorcycle. I had been privately trying to sell Reved since the beginning of the year and had two exhausting negotiations back-to-back that lasted several months and ended up in the water.

The concept of running Reved while traveling seemed nearly impossible but while packing for my travels and tying up loose ends, I concluded that closing the doors on something the community had supported for the past decade wasn’t something I could live with.

I took a few days and hired a team of great people who could help me run Reved while I was away. It was, however, with great pleasure to meet Peter and hear his plan. Peter had been running his own publication in Nanton, Alberta but wanted to move to Revelstoke. I sensed in his personality that extra spice the recipe called for: something quirky and original yet qualified and proficient. Something like Reved itself. There’s no doubt Reved will change under its new ownership. I should hope it does, for there is no better way to create something great than by adding to that of its creator.  Here’s to the next decade, and now I pass you on to Mr. Peter Worden!

Heather Lea, founder & former owner of RQ

>>>What a warm welcome, thank you, Heather. It truly feels to me as if I’ve won a small lottery coming to Revelstoke, that, or I’ve purchased a winning lottery ticket with your paper and the jackpot is getting to live here everyday. My hope and intention is to be a positive addition to both this town and publication. And I plan on making it at least mildly comical for all who stumble upon it, local and tourist alike. Speaking for the Reved team, we wish you well on your spin around the globe, Heather, and as for you, Revelstoke, it … might get weird.    

Peter Worden