Nick, Executive Chef

What is it really like to live at Halcyon Hot Springs — is it relaxing?

Is it really relaxing? (chuckles) It is amazing living right here. It’s beautiful, great views. I love living on-site, going and getting my morning coffee. At least my day doesn’t involve an hour of commuting. It’s a very peaceful life here.

Have you been to any secret spots?

No, people have told me about it, but I don’t get out that often. I go to the pools sometimes. It’s nice to have the hot springs pools here. I don’t take advantage as much as I should.

When is the best time to go to the pools?

I don’t really go during the day. I like going at night. The stargazing is amazing!


Theresa, Lodge Attendant

What is it like to live at Halcyon Hot Springs?

I enjoy living here because it’s in the wild. I enjoy the outdoors, the hikes, I like everything that comes along with it and at the end of the day you can go to the spa and have a soak.

Is it really relaxing?

Yes, it is. You can hear the birds singing, you’ve got the wildlife,

and can go fishing.

Do you know all the secret hot springs, and can you tell us which ones if we promise not to say anything? 

Sure… three rocks on the left, four trees to the right, pass the gnome, and you’re a hop skip and a jump away — in that order!