Hannah, Ollie and Ivan at Dose Café put a lot of thought (and magic) into their tap water.




“It has a clear and crisp nose. Then I would say a round wetness in the mouth with a fresh finish.”

—Marie Blanchete, Wosley Creek (H₂0 sommelier)


“It’s good. I drink it.”

—Brittany Loeppky, Grizzly Pub



“I drink it straight from the tap all day everyday.”

— Leanne Hawkins, Village Idiot





“It’s tap water with hints of citrus, hydrogen and oxygen.”

—Connor Sheridan, Last Drop



“It’s glacier- fresh with a homegrown touch.”

—Ariel Hill, Craft Bierhaus


“It’s da bomb.”

—Nico Caron, Nico’s Pizzaria




—Mat Rebelo, Main Street Café

Hannah, Ollie and Ivan at Dose Café put a lot of thought (and magic) into their tap water.
Hannah, Ollie and Ivan at Dose Café put a lot of thought (and magic) into their tap water.


“We start early in the morning and rise with the birds, put on music and invite the water out of the tap. Then, garden fairies and sometimes dinosaurs bring fresh berries and herbs.”

—Hannah, Ollie & Ivan, Dose Café



“It’s refreshing, the perfect temperature, satisfying and clean.”

—Goldie Sanghera, Paramjit’s Kitchen


“It’s delicious, filtered, hydrating—what else do you want from water?”

—Lauren Treasure, Green Mustache




“I absolutely love any water from any tap. We are spoiled by water.”

—Sarah Leah & Spencer, River City Pub


“It’s fresh.”

—Taylor Lee, Frisby Ridge


“Ours is the best because we’re closest to Greely.”

— Eva & Kelsie, Chubby Funsters


“It’s good mountain water. And Pepsi-filtered to get rid of the beaver fever.”

—James Macdonald, Nomad



“It’s very hydrating, ice-cold and refreshing.”

— Luke Sumich, La Baguette




“I (Julie) am from Sweden and we have good water, but this tastes really good.”

—Julia Hendrikson & Erin Behncke, Mountain Meals



Straight up, I think Klaus at Revelstoke U-Brew & Water has the best tap water in town. He’s practially a drive-thru water restaurant. And since Revelstoke water is naturally good to begin with, it is all in his pipes (that, unlike many other 100-year-old buildings in town) are brand new, and his filtration system:

“It comes in here in the basement where it goes through a sediment filter, charcoal filter, micro-filter and UV to kill any bacteria. But it retains the mineral content. A lot of micro-filters take them out.”  He is also against flouridization (“Period.”) And his 5-gallon bottles are all BPA-free. Why’d Klaus get into the water biz? “I wanted purified water for the beer and wine I make. Last year, the water business next to me was destroyed by a truck. So, I started to sell the water that I’ve been purifying all along.” And why should we get our water here? “Because it’s purified. It’s bacteria-free, and all the taste is left in.”

Fill-ups are $2 outside (self-serve), and  $3.25 inside.