Ever book a flight, rental car or hotel reservation on one of those travel “dotcom” sites? Then, say you need to change something small, or god forbid, need to talk to someone at that company—well, welcome to hell.

“I honestly thought it was a robot,” explained Angela Mobray, owner of Travel Escapes in Revelstoke,  about one such experience. “I was like, can you please acknowledge that I am having this conversation with you? I thought I was being punked—that this was some sort of super high-tech reservation system using algorithms.”


These days, whether it’s computers programmed to be more like humans, or humans programmed to be more like computers, it pays to have a travel agent nearby. Think of Angela (above) as a travel stock broker. She knows who’s who and what’s what in the travel game. It’s a myth, she says, that custom travel with an agent costs more. At the end of the day, more often than not, she saves her clients money.

Another myth, despite what you may think, is that travel agents are a dying profession. And it’s not all old people who use them “In fact, the fastest growing market are millennials.”

Angela helps customizes your travel plans, and is with you before, during and after. No algortithim—just good, old-fashioned human service.

Travel Escapes is a new full-service travel agency in Revelstoke. See Ang’s 5 Water “Wetaways” here.