An artist rendition for the proposed Farwell Splash Park. Just look at all these little computer renditions of kids playing outside in the fresh air ... and not in your living room.

>> BY Stacey Brensrud

I’ve got a wagon with a squeaky wheel.

It’s loaded with a bucket of ice cream and a birthday cake. I’m thinking about all of the kids that will be running around a fully fenced-in splash park. For free…and not in my house.

Just a few blocks away from the mighty Columbia, a little park in Revelstoke will soon be revitalized into an outdoor splash park.

In Revelstoke, you can load up your paddle board, kayak or boat and enjoy endless hours of recreation out on the water. But what if you haven’t got those toys, the truck or the time or energy to embark on such an adventure? What if you just want to beat the summer heat?

Enter: The Farwell Splash Park Society. We’re a volunteer, non-profit society dedicated to inclusive, accessible and free outdoor waterplay for all ages and physical abilities.

“Together, we can abolish cleaning the house for birthday parties and

simultaneously help save the planet.”



Actually, in accordance with Revelstoke’s Official Community Plan, water conservation is a top priority for this project. So, the new splash park’s hours of operation will be unaffected by water restrictions, thanks to the recirculating water treatment system incorporated into the design.  We’ve logged around 900 volunteer hours. We’ve fundraised almost 90 percent of $653,000.

And now, I’m the squeaky wheel asking for grease for this bandwagon. Together, we can abolish cleaning the house for birthday parties ….and simultaneously help save the planet.

Contact the Farwell Splash Park Society on Facebook if you’d like to donate or visit City Hall in Revelstoke