Egypt What? Wait a second—isn’t Egypt a massive desert? This is true, however, don’t forget the longest river in the world runs through the entire country, The mighty Nile River was ancient Egypt’s highway, and is an ideal way to explore all she has to offer. With flights around $1,200, and nine-day small-group tours from $950 (which include an overnight sailing on a felucca and sleeping under the stars) this watery destination is more affordable than you think.

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ROME Did you know natural spring water is readily available throughout the city of Rome? You can safely drink the water flowing from the fountains in the piazzas. But don’t go scooping your canteen— there are taps on the side. Just do as the Romans do.

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DISNEY WORLD Florida’s Blizzard Beach is like home away from home for us mountain people. In 30-degree heat, it’s the illusion of a ski resort in a tropical destination. Take a chairlift to the peak of the Downhill Double Dipper waterslide. Like a downhill ski race, flags mark your course and your time is displayed on an overhead digital stopclock. (If you buy a Disney Flex Pass Plus, you get free access to Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon each day.)

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LAKE O’HARA is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and just a couple hours drive east from Revelstoke. You can hike the road in or book the school bus in advance through the Alpine Club of Canada. You can day-hike or stay a night or two in the campground, Elizabeth Parker Hut (shared sleeping), or splurge, and stay in one of the luxury cabins dotted along the lake. The best photos and paintings capture just a smidge of the raw beauty; you really must see and experience it yourself.

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NAKUSP If you have no budget to travel farther than a half-tank of gas, then you need to spend time in Nakusp. It’s a quirky village located 100 km south of Revelstoke. With quality beaches that make you think you have flown south to the Caribbean (as a former Nakuspian, we have a spot called the Bahamas) you will be amazed at the laid back vibe Nakusp has to offer.


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