The judge threw the book at her. She stole that, too.

One of the fancy homes Emma ripped off while cleaning. 

>>PHOTO & FILES courtesy of Cathy English at the Revelstoke Museum & Archives

Emma Skinner was a housekeeper for several families in Revelstoke back in the 19-aughts. And she had quite the sticky fingers.

After households missing items blamed a bunch of innocent people, they finally visited Skinner at her house, where they found tons of stuff she’d swiped. There was so much, “it would fill half a railway car,” one report read. Among nicked belongings were three carpets, a wardrobe, a wall mirror, a chest of drawers and a refrigerator.

How’d she manage to pocket a refrigerator? She could heist up to half a tonne of stuff in a two-wheeled cart she used. (And she got it all upstairs at her house without any assistance, thank you very much.) One night, a man saw her on the street with a load on her trolley. He suggested she walk in the road; she suggested he go to hell.

Some of the other things Emma stole:

  • Table linen
  • Cutlery
  • Wash boiler
  • Clothes wringer
  • Paint
  • Tools
  • Ivy pot plant
  • Plated ware
  • A watch
  • Some pickles (that she denied).

She gave back everything found in her house and claimed partial guilt, saying some of the furniture was stolen on behalf of another woman.  The judge gave her three years in a New West jail.


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