The editor of the Revelstoke Current passed away this summer at 63.

>> BY  Peter Worden

David Rooney was one of the first people I met in Revelstoke.

Of course he would be.

David was a news man who was on top of all the minutiae of small-town life. Fundraisers. Minor sports. Elementary school projects. So, when I took over publishing this little rag, we met, naturally,  for coffee and an interview.

In the article, David encouraged his readers to check out the new Reved Quarterly: “Pick it up and give it a read, it should be worth a smile,” he wrote, ending with, “Welcome to Revelstoke, Peter.”

I only wish I’d had the chance to return the favour and interview him.


Over the last year or so, we met in and out of the hospital where his health kept him tethered. There, I saw a side I hadn’t seen in our casual coffees earlier; it was the side of a guy who knew life for how it really was, a side we probably all develop when facing a life-or-death ailment. (I also saw the “backside” of a man fed up with tying hospital gowns.) At a certain point in a person’s life, maybe with age or illness, there’s no pretext, no fooling or being fooled. David was ever the realist and pragmatist, but never a nihilist.

He was a man who wrestled constantly about the state of affairs and his place in them, an obsession we shared and aimed in one way or another to remedy with newspaper-writing. I can almost hear him guffaw this as sentimental nonsense, but it seems fitting that he welcomed me in his paper, and now I say farewell in mine.

David moved to Revelstoke in 2002 and started the Current in 2009. He would have turned 64 on October 2.




BEYOND WRITING David painted clever works of art, often surrealist mash-ups and memento moris of the Natural world.

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