>>  Peter Worden

I was out buying mousetraps at Home Hardware, and standing next to me was a woman at the glass cabinet of traps and poison. She said she had a rat … in her fridge.

“You caught it in your fridge? Like, alive?” I asked, amazed.

“No, it chewed a hole and is going in and out,” she said.

After a few seconds staring blankly at the selection in front of her, she sighed. “This never used to be my problem.”

It’s not just her problem—it is many peoples’ problem. Home Hardware has sold hundreds of traps recently, many more this year than last. What’s worse, the issue of vermin isn’t going away soon. Rats have been known to become resistant to the harshest poison currently on the market, warfarin.

In the end, she went with a giant neck-breaker rat trap. I suggested baiting it with peanut butter. “It likes apples. I know that,” she told me. Then someone else stopped to also buy some rat traps and commented: “It looks like a big rat from the traps you’re getting.”

It was …


AD—Skookum (Spring17)