Revelstoke has a petting zoo. Fiiiinnnally...

If you’re looking for a friendly face, look no further than the abundance of wet noses, snouts, muzzles and beaks at the pop-up petting zoo on Hwy 1 west of town by Fullspeed rentals.


“I like to surround myself with craziness,” says James Richard, who is often seen around this one-horse town with his workhorse Sassy and carriage.


The petting zoo has pony rides, llamas—watch out they spit—some donkeys, goats, fresh eggs, the whole shebang. You can even bet on the pig races. “We all win in a pig race,” says James. For the more adventurous among you, consider a one-day or three-day trail ride—one to Beaton; one to Mara. “For those who want to feel what it’s like to walk bowlegged,” says James, who built the trails through the mountains himself.

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