Skirting the high cost of living in this damn city

Jocoah Sorensen works on his Tiny Home in the Big Eddy neighbourhood of Revelstoke. "It’s basically a big f*** you to all the rules that don’t make any sense," he says.


Jocoah Sorensen is a handy dude. His day job is working at Tree Construction, but “just because it was something on my mind,” he decided to do some side-work building himself a tiny home here in Revy.


About six or seven years ago he lived on Hornby Island where he was inspired by a builder called Hornby Island Caravans—essentially makers of tiny homes. When he moved here he says he had stability and wanted to build a home. But, like many young newcomers to Revy, he found traditional homeownership damn-near impossible.

So he thought small: tiny home living.

Revelstoke zoning bylaw (5.10) dictates the minimum floor area for dwelling units be at least above up to 753.5 sq. ft. in some areas). It’s essentially a rule in place so that nobody builds a crummy shack on land next door to a normal-sized house, thereby bringing down the collective property value.

Jocoah’s tiny home is just under 300 sq. ft.


The loophole for him, however, as well as several other Revelstoke tiny-homers is that his place doesn’t constitute a permanent structure since it’s on wheels. He says he gets why the regulations are in placer but thinks a lot of the bylaws and codes are archaic and in desperate need of up grading.

“It’s basically a big f*** you to all the rules that don’t make any sense,” he says. “The selling point of living in a tiny home is that it’s cheaper than a house and a mortgage and land … It’s a symbol for more freedom. You’re not tied to land you don’t own. It’s mine. I can do what I want to with it.”

But what about it being a problematic eyesore? Jocoah laughs off the idea. His tiny home is chic and cool and many peo- ple, he says, are open to having it around their house. “Lots of friends are happy to have it,” he says. “Someone already offered to buy it off me,” he says, pausing. “No. I’ve got too much pride in it.”

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