The Last Lie — the REAL Story of the Last Spike



You probably already know—or think you know—all about the Last Spike. But did’ya know November 7 marked 130 years since it was hammered in at Craigellachie and therefore 130 years now we’ve been hammered similarly over the head with a Great Canadian historic fallacy. Nobody mentions the second-last spike, the one Donald Smith struck on the side and bent. Then, to set it (and history) straight, he was handed another, which, with another swing of the spike maul single-handedly brought Canada into the modern age. How this photo really ought to be remembered is Canadian history’s first legit photobomber. Check the mail kid who snuck to the front of the action like me at the Best Western’s continental breakfast. That’s not  all. Craigellachie, which is seldom if ever pronounced correctly, wasn’t even the site, in my opinion, of the real Last Spike. That, was down the track where the actual workers were actually working all the live long day. (I tell ya, some things never change.) This picture is rife with scandal. To top it all off, Smith’s spike was removed, presumably as a souvenir, and another fourth spike, is really the last-last-last …spike. We think.