How To Win at Winter in Revelstoke


1. Try something new. Give in to experiences that force you out of the comfort zone. All the gear shops are full of staff who can field the most beginner to expert questions. If you’re on a budget, check out second-hand stores. If you’re already the hyper-adventurous type, consider volunteering in the community, auditioning for a play, or attending something you wouldn’t normally. Mixing it up is good for everyone and helps you…

2. Learn the local culture. Find that there’s more to Revy than skiing. You’ve got a ton of local museums, art galleries and the hometown hockey team, the Grizzlies. Locals love Revy because it’s a diverse community. They enjoy adventures large and small, indoors and out, and you don’t need to be Felix Baumgartner to live here. Do lots of great activities, so when you meet someone whose passion isn’t your passion, you don’t end up talking down to them like a jerk.


Spending a winter in Revelstoke is like nowhere else on earth: Giant fluffy flakes falling under street lights coming home from the bar after a long day of helping a neighbour push their car out and shredding the gnar.

That said, 3. Treat everyone with respect. That guy or girl on the lift next to you might be a volunteer ski patrol. The person at the bar or bagging your groceries might have skinned up Mt. Mackenzie earlier that day. Remember, you’re not the first to discover Revy. Treat everyone with respect and you’ll learn things, like…

4. No one’s a stranger here. Make friends with neighbours, bartenders, your landlord, the ladies at the coffee shop, the pizza guy, everyone. Even if someone doesn’t actually know you, they’re going to think they do. Strike up a conversation with strangers. This is one of the few places where you can smile and talk to absolutely anybody. And perhaps most importantly:

5. Make the very most of it. It might be your millionth winter here, your only winter here or your last winter here. People move on. Next season those you know may be gone elsewhere.  You’re here, and it will never be as good as it is now. Stay gold, Ponyboy.